Photoshop Texture effect tutorial

I promised to do a little tutorial about how I do the lined texture effect I often use on my wallpapers.

First you must have photoshop for this tutorial. I used Photoshop 7 to do this tutorial.

The Base Picture I will use for this tutorial:

The first step is to do the pattern you will use.

Open a new transparent photoshop file. Size : 3 x 3 pixel. Zoom it at 1600%

Now choose a color you want to use, for this one I will take a pink color: #EA779B

Take the Pencil Tool and do something like that picture:

It's for the diagonal line effect. If you want to use straigh line, open the file size 2 x 2 pixel and do a line on one half and the other must be transparent.

Now it's time to save it in a pattern.

Choose Edit in the menu and Define Pattern.

This window will open:

Choose a name and save it.

Now your pattern is ready to use on your base picture!

Open the file where you want to add the effect and add to it a New transparent layer.

The pattern will go on the new layer you add.

Now fill that layer with the pattern. For that you must choose Edit in the menu and Fill.

Choose your pattern. (You can see straight pattern exemple on the second row) and click on OK.

You will got that:

For now it is not what we want exactly.

It's now time to change the blending option of this layer.

For that one I choose a Color Burn blending, but for a lot of my wallpaper I got a better effect with the Soft Light blending. The thing is to choose a blending where you can still see the normal white and black color.

The final produce: